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                 Global healing is our great vision. A healthy and happy family everywhere by eradicating misconceptions about traditional medicines is our goal.

                 Late Dr. Aranmula Narayana Pillai an eminent Sanskrit scholar and renowned physician to the Royal family of Travancore. He retired as the Chief Physician of the Govt Ayurveda College Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

                 Son-in-law of Late: Dr. Aranmula Narayan Pillai, Late: Dr. Kumarakom Parameswaran Pillai, a great Sanskrit scholar and also chief physician to the Royal family of Travancore as well as to the Govt. Ayurveda College Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala.

                 Son of Late: Dr. Kumarakom Parameswaran Pillai, Late Mr. C.P.N. Nair M.Sc. a chemistry researcher was heading the board for the past 50 years.

                 Son-in-law of Late Mr.C.P.N.Nair, Mr.K.Nanda Kumar B.Com, FCA a chartered Accountant and dynamic, young and energetic man manages the company.

                 Son of Late: Dr. Kumarakom Parameswaran Pillai,
Dr. C.P.R.Nair, BAM, Retd. Director of Indian Institue of Panchakarma is still physician to the Royal family of Travancore. He is our Chief Physician of Sri Dhanwantari Matam Ayurvedics Pvt Ltd..

In this new millenium where large scale unethical Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing is rampant we pledge to the universe that we will manufacture all medicines, with diligence, with quality, with care and as per the ancient texts. We are committed to the well being of all who follow the ayurvedic system of healing.

visit our sister concern Devaki Ayurvedic Foundation at www.devakiayurvedic.org

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Pulimoodu, Trivandrum - 695001,
Kerala, INDIA
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