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                    Deriving the name from the Almighty, Lord Dhanwantari himself, Sri Dhanwantari Matam was established in the year 1912. Sri Dhanwantari Matam literally means "Home of Ayurveda". Dr. Aranmula Narayana Pillai, an authority in Ayurvedic Medicine in Kerala and a physician par excellence was the founder of Sri Dhanwantari Matam.


                   His successor, late: Dr. Kumarakom Parameswaran Pillai, an eminent sanskrit scholar and physician to the Royal family of Travancore Kerala, India, through his incessant efforts brought that Divine power of Ayurvedic healing to the lives of the common man. That Divine knowledge was passed on to the next generation and today we are proud to say that his son Dr.C.P.R.Nair, a brilliant physician, leads the team of our consultants.  As there is proven and time tested cure for almost all diseases in Ayurveda, we treat a wide range of patients from within India and abroad. Sri Dhanwantari Matam Ayurvedics Pvt. Ltd today is well equipped in this field with a modern quality control laboratary, research and development, library, high quality medicine manufacturing techniques, quality control, etc which assists us in giving relief to thousands of patients. We undertake the entire range of 'Pancha Karma' treatments under the supervision of experienced doctors and masseurs.

                    We specialize in the treatment for different types of Arthritis, Spondilosis, muscular and joint pains, different types of headaches, paralysis, diseases associated with eyes, nose, throat and ears, internal complaints, obesity, infertility,sport injuries etc.  


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Kerala, INDIA
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